2 nights and the rest of your life...

As men we are called to seek after God first. The Men’s Encounter is three days of intense Spirit-lead learning and testimony by men from all walks of life. Every Encounter is a unique and individual experience where men have an opportunity to discover what happened at the Cross, and how their lives can be changed forever because of God’s infinite grace.

For a life changing testimony.

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Changed the trajectory of my life 180 degrees. My Christian walk went from dead, and empty, to a relationship with the Lord that is active, living, and continues to grow.

Reno, NV

If you are truly ready to meet God wherever you're in life then Mens Encounter will provide the time and place.

Reno, NV

A true encounter with our Lord and Savior that magnifies freedom, forgiveness, and love that has changed the course of my relationship with Christ, my wife, and family for all of eternity.

Reno, NV

A true Encounter with our Lord face to face. What an eye opening, soul searching experience that changed the course of my life.

Reno, NV

The Men’s Encounter was a great experience. The Lord showed up and met me where I was at and brought healing and restoration.

San Jose, CA

Revival starts with the men in the Church, are we willing as men to follow Christ's calling on our lives? I see Men's Encounter as being the catalyst for revival.  After my first Encounter I looked at my relationships with men differently, before I had Christian friends, but now I have post Encounter Christian brothers, the kind of guys you can call at 3 AM and they'll answer the call, in a word... transformative!

Gooding, ID

The Men’s Encounter was life changing for me, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I was going through the motions at church even though I “believed” in God. Now I pursue Jesus every day, in every way I can. When you show up on the hill, so does God!

Reno, NV

When I checked to see if insurance would cover the heart transplant I received at the Encounter, they said that it was already covered. A chain of events that started with a priceless encounter with God on that mountain has rocked my faith in the best way possible. I'll never be the same.

Reno, NV

It was an opportunity for true self examination. I was overwhelmed by what God did in me that weekend!

Reno, NV

My Encounter brought me a new sense of peace with my walk with the Lord. Never before did I feel so connected to Christ.

Sparks, NV