What is an Encounter?

It is difficult to define what an Encounter with God looks or feels like. It is a unique experience for every man and woman. Over the course of the weekend (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) it is our hope that more men will learn how our Savior Jesus Christ truly desires to impact their lives. Through prayer, worship, and testimony men will learn how God desires them to lead and love their families, community, and church. More importantly, we believe it is the desire of the Lord that each and every attendee walk away with a renewed faith and drive to seek after Him with new sense of purpose and freedom.

There are no expectations and no requirements (other than being 18 years old) for attending the Encounter. We’ve had men at every stage of their faith, from every walk of life, even non-believers, attend and have life-changing experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Encounter?

There are Encounters occurring all over the world. Those facilitated by Men of Purpose Reno are presently held at two locations: The Galilee Camp and Conference Grounds on the shore of North Lake Tahoe, and Grizzly Creek Ranch in Portola California. Please contact us if you’d like to partner with us regarding hosting an Encounter elsewhere, or to add one to our calendar.

How do I get to the Encounter?

All transportation to and from the Encounter is provided by Men of Purpose via comfortable charter buses. The costs are included in the registration fees, attendees only need to show up with their luggage. Pickup and drop-off instructions will be provided via email, but a server will contact you before your Encounter to ensure you have the necessary information.  Due to limited space at the event locations, attendees are not permitted to drive themselves to the Encounter. Exceptions are made for those who have special transportation due to disability.

Where will I sleep?

All attendees sleep in single beds in a enclosed, heated (in the Winter) cabins. The cabins are basic, with showers and restrooms, but they are clean and comfortable.

If you are a severe (9.0+ on Richter scale) snorer, please let us know for room assignment purposes.

What about food?

All meals, snacks, as well as water, coffee, and tea are provided. If you have special dietary needs, please provide us the details when you register. Due to the location, it is advised to not bring additional snacks, unless necessary. There are bears at both locations.

Will I have phone service?

Phone service is pretty spotty at all locations. However, we do ask attendee to refrain from cellphone use. If you can live without, leave it at home, or at least shutoff while you are there. This is an Encounter with God for you; a cell phone can be a MAJOR distraction. You will be provided with emergency contact numbers to give your friends and family members in the event they need to reach you.

So what should I bring (i.e. what is not provided)?

  • A paper Bible is not necessary, but is recommended; if you don’t have one we will gladly get you one, just ask

  • Bedding (blanket or sleeping bag, pillows, etc)

  • Towels

  • Soap, shampoo, shaving gear

  • Toothbrush

  • Flashlight

  • Appropriate clothing for the season

How do I prepare for my Encounter?

Pray early, pray often
Pray that God opens your heart to his gift in this Encounter
Pray for the brothers with you
Pray for safety throughout

What really happens at the Encounter?

We have one cornerstone rule, what happens at the Encounter, stays at the Encounter. This is for both the protection and privacy of all attendees, servers, and staff. More importantly, it is our desire that the Lord prepare your heart and mind beforehand. This means we don’t make any promises, or set any exceptions, you just have to experience it for yourself.

Have another question?

Please feel free to contact us any time.